Susan Cook – NOW Programme 2018


1. What made you choose to work with me, why did you come to the NOW Programme? 

I choose to work with you, as I felt that I had reached a crossroads with my self-healing using various therapies and was looking for direction and movement forward to begin and realise my life purpose.
I felt I was procrastinating and could not see how to move forward to realising and living my dream.
As I love horses and feel I can be myself around them the Equine Facilitated learning was a perfect choice for me.

2. What was your experience of working with me? 

The experience of working with you was very deep, nurturing and powerful. The combination of group exercises of self-exploring and sharing with the group together with exercises with the horses worked so well for me.  I found the Shamanic journeying was very revealing of hidden feelings and emotions.

3. What is your situation since the workshop? 

I have returned to “normal life” feeling a very different person. Although it has been challenging and a part of me doubts (false self) nothing has changed – I now have the tools and belief in myself and am living a much more authentic life – there is an inner strength in me to stay true to myself.
Plans to start a new career following “my Bliss” are in the pipe line and I can see my road clearly.
Another huge difference in the way I NOW live is that I am far more aware of my shadow and false self and live far more in the NOW. This is where I feel most at home, connected and peaceful.

4. What would say to someone else considering attending the NOW Programme with me?

It is an amazing programme for anyone wishing to find their life’s purpose, improve relationships and live a more authentic life, with a deeper awareness and connection to nature and the oneness of all life. A safe/non-judgemental/nurturing environment is created where feelings/emotions and pain can surface naturally.

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