Sally Barker – Discovery Day – January 2017

Because I had heard such brilliant feedback from WMB members about the work that you do, I was curious. Then I met you at Cheltenham and heard you speak and was intrigued by what you had to say. I am very interested in any ways of self-development and have read many books and tried various methods and this just appealed to me. I love the idea of nature helping and tapping into that really appealed to me. I am quite scared of horses and this also pushed me on to try the workshop as I thought it would help alleviate these fears and thus conquer something else in me! I wanted to spend some time on “me” and when your dates aligned with my diary I felt it was meant to be so I booked! I have various issues with confidence and depression and lacking the energy and drive that I want in life which I thought you may be able to help with. I had a really good feeling about you as well and just knew you would be understanding and yet helpful. I was nervous and excited about what would happen on the day – you didn’t disappoint! I felt I wanted the day to continue…..

I loved working with you and what I really enjoyed was your honesty about your own journey and practical examples…made it easy to be able to relate. I loved the self-awareness work and body scanning – very helpful and powerful too. I’m not comfortable with the creative stuff….can’t draw! But it all felt very relevant and easy in the forum you create. The boundary work was incredible for me and really resonated for me both personally and professionally. I loved your example of not being able to “fix” everyone – and also not taking on other people’s bad moods or actions – (It’s not about me!) love it and I’m using it every day!!!! I actually felt amazingly peaceful and relaxed afterwards and that continued for several days….

Without a doubt I am applying the “boundary” exercises and much more mindful of how “I” am feeling- I feel more Intune and connected with my closest relationships at home…. More peaceful….and relaxed –than I have for a long time. I love the idea of connection with your authentic self….which I think I now understand.

Go for it! I would and am telling people to give it a go- embrace it and just see what you can learn….the learning almost comes upon you in a really subtle way…although for me it was very emotional!
Even if you’re nervous of horses etc…just do it…you won’t regret it…

I felt your approach to your work is spot on –you are a natural presenter and clearly passionate about your subject – using examples really brings it home and helps further understanding. I felt I wanted to write more down and really absorb more…to be able to reflect on it later. The only thing disappointing was when the day came to an end…!

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