Rowena Dowsett – Connect April 2018

I really enjoyed the Discovery day and wanted to dig a bit deeper as that day gave me so much food for thought!  I wasn’t sure initially what I wanted helped with specifically but felt I was in some ways holding myself back in life with a lack of self belief and knew I needed to explore this further.  I felt confident you could help after the Discovery day as it was so supportive, gentle but powerful and it seemed to start a process of self exploration/assessing.

Very powerful.  I felt a bit drained, in a good way, as if I’d had a really good inner spring clean!  I have felt a lot calmer since, and feel I’ve now gotten to the bottom of why I felt like I didn’t feel good enough in many areas, though specifically work and trying to get pregnant. It helped me dig into my past and understand as an adult why previous experiences have had an effect on my self belief.  It also gave me the skills to work through them with adult eyes and let things go.

I’ve generally been calmer and (hopefully!) more self aware as well as a lot kinder to myself. Although not always perfectly or consistently, I find I am more honest about my feelings and am putting in more boudaries to look after myself more.

It is a very powerful, life changing and supportive few days that can have such a helpful impact on your life and how you live it and look after yourself.

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