Maggie Appleton – Discovery Day – August 2018

I was recommended by a friend who had previously attended a Discovery Day and found it very helpful and who had told me about her experience. When I contacted Rosie, she was both friendly and informative, which was reassuring as I had been interested in working with horses for some time but was nervous, knowing that it was facing my fears. I not only had a fear of horses but also wanted to learn from them.

The Discovery Day was relaxed but at the same time included a lot of personal learning using intuition, meditation, discussion and practical experiences with no expectation to be anything other than yourself! It was also fun and included a delicious lunch!

Probably the most useful part for me was knowing that with intent I have clear boundaries and people have different needs for personal space and that I was very sensitive to the perceived rejection of others. I also learnt from the course about the difference between fear and vulnerability and the appropriate responses in life.

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