Maddy Edgington – Connect Workshop – March 2016

I wanted something different this year to complete the personal therapy component of my course. A friend had also attended the course and recommended it, and as soon as she described it, I knew it was something I wanted to do. I can’t honestly put a finger on what it was exactly, as I am not a horse person, or anything like that, but a voice told me it was what I needed at this point in time. We completed a module last year, called a sense of self and I felt this would complement that and allow me to expand on my learning during that module.

I found the workshop so beneficial. I am writing up a personal reflection for my university which I would be happy to share with you once it is completed. I learnt so much about personal boundaries, intent, and my internal process, and Tattoo taught me how to relax and behave when I feel under threat. I enjoyed your presence and your wealth of knowledge, and the setting and your teaching was inspiring. I have learnt more about myself in those three days than in a lot of my previous personal counselling, and it is learning I don’t think I would have recieved without being in this setting.

I was so calm when I got back, that I almost didn’t want to come home to the chaos. Since being home, I have realised that I allow my personal boundaries to be blurred and contribute to a lot of my own drama. However, this may have drastic implications for my life, so I am taking the process slowly and allowing time to think about what I want. I have started an online mindfulness course, as a result of this course, and as I enjoyed the body scans so much, and am thinking about further training in the future in mindfulness based CBT and hopefully more courses with you. I have recommended you to all our colleagues at the course and told my supervisors.

I think you did a fantastic job. I loved all the content and felt there was a good balance between theory and practical. I really enjoyed myself, and I learnt a lot about myself in the process. Thank you for this experience. I wish I had the funds to do all the rest of your courses straight away, but hopefully, I will send out the intention and the money will come.

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