Kirsty Andrews – Reflective Riding client – Private sessions

“I was looking to getting a better understanding of my pony as I felt there were some things he was trying to tell me but I couldn’t work out what. I hoped to get a better relationship with him as it felt at times we were in conflict and couldn’t connect with each other. I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of the course and if I’m honest I thought it may be a lot of patting ponies but not much practical advice I could take away. It turned out I was totally wrong!
I got tremendous insight into myself and how this impacts my relationship with my pony. I discovered that most of the answers to my questions and problems are in me and my pony, I just needed to be shown how to look for them.
I was surprised at how much of an impact the work we did on the ground had on my riding. By using the techniques we learnt and a new way of looking at things I was able to start working through some long-standing problems in our partnership and it felt that he wanted to offer the work instead of me making him.
I now have the start of a great set of tools to add to my horsey tool box that I will use for the rest of my riding life. The course was just the beginning and there are lots of techniques I am developing further with my pony. Since the course I have come up against issues but now I have the tools to work through them in a much more positive way. The time I spend with my pony on the ground and riding has become more enjoyable as we feel closer and have a better understanding of each other.”

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