Kate Sheriff – Discovery Day – February 2018

I chose the Horses as Teachers Discovery workshop as I have previously done research and study into whether this is an effective practice to use with people with autism. I had come across Tao of Equus by Linda Kohonov and had found parts of her book that strongly resonated with me. Linda had managed to put into words some of the things that I had been feeling, in particular the need to connect mind, body and spirit. I have felt disconnected as though I wasn’t enjoying life to the fullest and almost in a zombie like state. I had taken time off work with stress and even taken a secondment position because I desperately needed change. It has since come to my attention through this work that although I needed to make changes in the physical world i.e. my job, I also needed to make changes within myself and how I relate to my environment and the people in it.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you Rosie, as your approach is so non-threatening, there is encouragement but no judgement. I felt the day was extremely well organised with a good mix of activities and discussion. I really wish I had could have had longer to explore some of the reactions I was having ( Hence why I have now booked the 3 day workshop)

I have been trying to integrate the body scan into my daily life and have had some success at home with family and friends and they have commented that I seem more relaxed, and more like my old self. I haven’t been successful in the work place, however I understand it takes time and practice.

I don’t think there is much you could do in the limited time available to improve the day Rosie!

I would encourage anyone thinking of attending to go along with an open mind and an open heart and immerse yourself in the activities and see what you discover about yourself.

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