Karin Baynes – Discovery Day August 2018


I felt an immediate connection chatting with Rosie at a health & well-being fair, when I considered the nature of my encounters with horses in my life. I needed group support in a safe environment and felt drawn to the involvement of animals in the healing process. I tend to commit intuitively to requiring an experience such as this one and often don’t know specifically why I need to attend.

Top of the list – practical boundary work and snippets of information presented in a different language around this. I tend towards people pleasing, but paradoxically I ignore people’s signals when they are attempting to set a boundary. Specifically, I needed to hear the point about distinguishing between fear and vulnerability; trusting my gut that the difficult situation I’ve been in for nearly a year, in relationship with someone in authority, is definitely fearful and I need to get out and find a safe place. Secondly, the body scan work and connecting to the information we hold to release ourselves from emotional or mental bondage through sensation, is a very useful technique.

A month after the workshop, I used the principles of boundary setting to put a one-off, clear proposal to the person in authority and it was accepted in full as the resolution we needed. I am removing myself from that person’s space and we have agreed the terms in order for me to do so. I was very specific to avoid confusion and the boundary is enforceable. I did it without shaming – this is my natural inclination, but it was useful to have Rosie’s reminder about this. I am no longer caught up in the fear in general and specifically in relation to this particular person’s bullying behaviour.

Take the plunge; relax and see what comes up on the day. As with any healing experience, if you’re drawn to it, do it. The specifics show themselves afterwards.

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