Just Be – May 2019


My biggest problem was not being able to relax and being a people pleaser, I was always thinking about others to the detriment of my health. I’d suffered a suspected stroke earlier this year and I think it was my body telling me “enough”, though I was still battling on.

I had been recommended to Rosie’s ‘Just Be’ morning by a lady with whom I was having kinesiology, to explore being in the here and now and try to get my body to balance itself. I’m not very good at being kind to myself or being true to myself for fear of judgement and leading a busy life I am still trying to manage this – I am getting better and the workshop really helped.

During the morning I realised that there is trauma I’ve suffered, although what I don’t know, however it is around judgement and expectation.

I am getting better about not worrying what people think and I purchased the “Way of Horse” with its beautiful cards and it’s this journey of self-discovery that I am diving into now.

Leave all expectations at home and go with an open mind and go with the flow. “Just Be”  I didn’t think I’d cry but I did (a little bit when I let go…)

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