Jessie Mallock – Discovery Day – December 2016

I chose to work with you because I trusted you and your big smile. The challenge I brought with me was my fear of horses. As the day proceeded I felt such trust and safety in the way you led the group.

My experience of working with you was a sense of light heartedness, everything will be OK and trust for the work. This meant I could go really deep and process and more importantly learn about boundaries in a new and very accessible way, I found its simplicity rather profound.

I have noticed that I am not getting so nervous about holding my own boundaries, that in fact I can hold them gently knowing that I have a strong boundary to fall back to and saying No from the authentic me is shining through.

We are all animals, and what a great way to learn from another, non verbally. Rosie is wise and holds a beautiful safe space, which allows for deep release.

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