Jayne Evans – Connect Workshop – November 2016

I chose to work with Rosie because of her brilliant teaching and amazing results. The previous 1:1 sessions have helped so so much for me to move positively forward with my life, without being so ‘scared’. I came on this workshop to build on this, I wanted to know more!

My biggest challenge was getting there, managing my nutrition (which was taken care of) and being in a group of people. I was concerned I might get upset and ‘make a fool’ of myself. I just trusted and knew though that Rosie would be there to help.

My experience of working with Rosie was absolutely brilliant. All of the work we did was excellent, always seems to be what’s needed, everything makes much more sense. There was, and continues to be, many realisations, too many to list them all. Rosie’s approach made everything simple. All this and the process has helped me to start to lead a better, enjoyable life. I have even started going out and have met lots of new people. I am better at not absorbing other’s energies and seeing things for what they are, not letting things affect me.

Even though my situation hasn’t changed, my life has. One example is my dog. He has always been very touch sensitive. On the workshop (thanks to Tattoo) it came to me that it was me that was touch sensitive! This started and came about from what seemed to be a simple grooming the horse exercise. My dog is now coming to me for cuddles and even rolls on his back for a tummy rub.

I have also been asked out, this would have scared the hell out of me before. Now I know I can set boundaries, I have more confidence to go or to say, “No thank you”.

I would recommend a workshop with Rosie to anybody and everybody. I believe all could benefit their lives by doing a workshop. The world would be a much better place if they did. I have absolutely no complaints all, it couldn’t be better. Thank you Rosie for all that you do.

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