Dr Tim Sephton – Reflective Riding client

“Like many important steps & decisions that happen in life, tracing the exact reasons that drew me to Reflective Riding is, with hindsight, quite difficult. Call it timing, good luck or serendipity, I first spotted an advert for Reflective Riding at my local farm shop. At that time I was returning to riding having not been able to ride for some years while I pursued a career & a growing family life.

I was enjoying some lessons at a very good local school; I had been lucky enough to take a horse on loan & some months later to buy him too. But I was looking for something else, something that recognised why horse riding is different to going to the gym or doing a triathlon. And I wanted something more than BHS Stage 1.

I had been inspired by a Monty Roberts demonstration & was drawn to the Intelligent Horsemanship philosophy and so Rosie’s advert struck a chord & I was lucky enough to attend the course. And it became very clear: the beauty about horse riding is that it’s all about relationships, especially your own relationship with yourself, and your relationship with your horse – & like every relationship, no one formula works for every situation.

Rosie’s course is gentle & creative & fun, and she is disarmingly honest & personal in her teaching. She is clearly a great scholar of Reflective Riding & has taken her training very seriously, working with several luminaries from around the horse world. She has blended this with her own vast experience of horses & she delivers this package in a refreshing & intuitive manner. Although she never expects wider parallels to be made, I was constantly intrigued at how many of her teachings had a wisdom that applied to different aspects of my life outside of horse riding.”

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