Dilia Sister – Personal Development client

“I loved the variety Rosie brought to her workshop, from meditation, to theory, to bringing awareness to the body and emotions and active exercises with the horses. Methods and principles such as the body scan are simple yet effective in allowing me to find my inner voice. The more I practice it, the clearer the messages behind my emotions and the more gracefully and joyfully I can navigate through emotional challenges.

Combining this work with horses is pure bliss and liberation for me. I have been around horses for years, and never have I felt such a strong heart to heart connection with these beautiful animals before this workshop. Their constant mirroring and honest feedback of one’s own emotions and thoughts allowed me to be more attentive to my inner voice and breathe more mindfully. I now know that this programme is what I desire to continue with.

A big, big thank you to Rosie for her hospitality and kindness and of course, thank you Jack and Bramble, the most sensitive and honest teachers I have ever worked with. I truly recommend Rosie’s workshop to anyone who is ready to move forward and embrace their heart’s desire.”

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