Deborah DLP – Connect November 2019


This wonderful workshop revealed three beautiful days of connection to my heart, body and emotions and to the incredible energy, wisdom and teachings of the horses.

I am at a turning point in my life and this workshop was my gift to myself to explore what might be next for me and possibly explore some aspects of myself that I feel I have been hiding for far too long.

Rosie held the space and facilitated the group and horses in such a soft, respectful and meaningful way, with the time and space to each have our own individual experiences, which is a gift in itself. I found the horses to be non-judgemental and accepting of who you are in their presence. Each horse has something uniquely different to show and teach you.

Spending time with this beautiful group of horses has revealed several things to me. By being open to notice, feel and observe my time in the presence of the horses offered me new understandings and insights. My experience led me to notice how these wonderful horses can show what I hide, the masks I wear, and reflect my emotions, patterns, behaviours and my stories without judging me. By being open to listen, notice and receive from this workshop, I discovered a deeper awareness and a new sense of clarity both residing and being ignited within me. New possibilities and directions are potentially emerging. It has been a sacred time of discovering a deeper connection to myself in more ways than I could have realised.

My experience has shown me that horses can be beautiful teachers. I felt an unspoken and sacred connection between the horses and myself. Their ability to receive you just as you are, with all their knowing, wisdom, and insights is something truly special and captured my heart beyond any words I can convey. This workshop has been truly incredible and a timely gift to give to myself. In truth, the effects and insights from experiencing the ‘Connect to your Authentic Self’ workshop are still softly landing within myself.

If you are seeking a Connection to Your Authentic Self – I invite you to give yourself the gift of these beautiful, sacred, 3 days. You might be surprised to find new connections in the most meaningful ways too.

Deborah DLP @beautifullyunfinishedwoman

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