Amanda Rajotte – Connect Workshop – March 2016

You’d been so much help with my riding lessons/confidence etc that although I wasn’t really sure what the workshop would be made of / who would attend etc I knew I was in safe hands. I also needed to make a change as my life wasn’t working so thought it could only help as I didn’t want to be how I was feeling. I thought I needed help with a career direction, I’d run out of any oomph to cope with work / stress / and had already decided to resign, leaving work a month before the course.

The most reassuring thing for me in a room with a bunch of strangers was you setting the rules of engagement at the beginning, I knew that every contribution would be listened to and as the days went on I found myself opening up more than I thought I would as I felt “safe”. I had a lot of personal realisations / clarity over the 3 days and began to feel healthier emotionally, which I hadn’t been expecting but was very grateful for.

I felt like I could tackle anything, that I was on fire and was unstoppable, that everything / anything I put my mind to would work out in the end. I’ve got renewed self belief, I feel like I was thirsty and I’ve quenched that thirst. I’ve had some spiritual and emotional experiences since the course, especially after the last day of the course which were welcomed but very unexpected/surprising. I may still be grieving for my family member but I’m not paralysed 100% with that anymore which is great.

What have I said would be the better question !! I’ve talked to 2 friends recently, and both have been told that the course is great for someone who wants to regain their trust in themselves, to feel that they can cope with anything, to feel that they are clear about how they want to be and that rationality is not everything, that being emotional is ok, I’ve explained how I feel more in control of my emotions, that discovering more about myself has helped loads.

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