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The Nature of Wisdom (NOW) Programme

  • Are you ready to fall in love with life and embrace your life’s purpose?
  • Do you want to move beyond limiting behaviours and live life from a larger perspective of who you are?
  • Do you want to have more authentic relationships at home and at work?
  • Would you like to explore this through connection with horses?

Then the NOW Programme is a beautiful gift to yourself.

The NOW Programme is an advanced personal development programme created by Carol Roush (founder of the Medicine Horse Way) and facilitated in the UK by Rosie Withey (an Eponaquest Advanced Instructor and Medicine Horse Way Master Instructor).

Participating in a NOW Programme is an opportunity to step away from daily life and develop a deeper connection to your authentic self. You will learn to connect with your own inner wisdom and learn to understand and develop the language of your emotions. Horses help you to shift subconscious beliefs and behaviours and you will take home new tools and expanded self-awareness to help you make lasting changes in your life, career, relationships and community.

This two-part advanced intensive programme is an in-depth exploration of the Way of the Horse as a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. It consists of two weeks of experiential learning with time in between to integrate your process and learning and brings together theoretical teachings of the mind, experiential learning of emotional intelligence, shamanic journeying and mindfulness with interactive experiences with horses.

In the safe and congruent environment of NOW, with horses as your inspiration and guides, you will learn skills that help you to increase self-awareness, learn to hear your own inner guidance, access inner peace and develop an approach to life that enables you to live deeply and awaken to your life’s purpose.

If you are ready to get out of your story and into a joyful life, NOW is for you.

Below you will find more detailed information about the programme. Alternatively, if you’re ready to apply or just want to have an initial chat, please get in touch by clicking the button below.

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Nature of Wisdom

Portrait of Carol Roush, creator of the medicine horse wayThe NOW Programme was created by Carol Roush (founder of the Medicine Horse Way) to help you turn on your light.

In the NOW Programme horses show a way to increase self-awareness to transform your life, family, relationships, work and community. You learn how to communicate authentically, set healthy boundaries whilst respecting others, and see a greater perspective of what is possible in your life.

“There is nothing more important to you than the light of your own inner guidance. The societies of original tribal people were deeply rooted in the wisdom of mother nature. They sourced their lives, their spirituality, and developed human wisdom in partnership with nature. Children learned to listen to the wind, appreciate the healing gifts of plants and trees, and they were encouraged to study the medicine of all animals they encountered so that they could walk in balance on the Earth Mother.

NOW Programmes are intended to begin a process for many people who have never understood their connection to our Earth Mother. It is our intention to open a new doorway of understanding for those who seek the Oneness of all life, connection to the Great Mystery and to awaken to the awareness of their authentic selves.”

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MHWWhat my Clients Say

3 horses who have been taking part in a workshop that empowers people to be their authentic selves using equine facilitated learning

The NOW is right for you if you want to:

    • Develop a more expanded, authentic self
    • Live from a larger perspective of who you are
    • Create authentic relationships
    • Develop your community building skills
    • Discover the true nature of who you are, create authentic relationships and live your life with a deep sense of peace no matter what happens
    • Find the inner guidance necessary so that the desire of your heart can become the reality of your life


A healthy looking horse in his stable after participating in an equine facilitated learning workshop near Bristol uk

When you join us for NOW you will:

Explore experiences in the following areas:

  • Distinguishing False Self from Authentic Self Beliefs and Behaviors
  • Discover blocks and talents hidden in shadow
  • Access your authentic self and open the door to innovative solutions to age old problems
  • Mindfulness Practices including meditation, drumming, and shamanic journeying
  • Developing Intuitive Communication with horses as your guides
  • Connection Through Movement: the courage to feel and the willingness to act
  • Lead with your heart to Build Mutual Respect in Relationships
  • Transition from merely surviving to actively thriving
  • Creating Authentic Community and Sacred Space of Possibilities

The NOW as a step towards the Medicine Horse Way or Eponaquest Apprenticeship training to become a qualified Instructor of EFL

The NOW Programme is suitable for everyone who seriously wants to invest in his or her transformation from surviving to thriving and is also the pre-requisite to apply for the Medicine Horse Way Equine Experiential Learning Apprenticeship or the Eponaquest Apprenticeship for therapists, coaches and trainers who want to integrate this methodology into their work.

The NOW Programme was created by Carol Roush, founder of the Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeship, Eponaquest Advanced Instructor and Shamanic practitioner. Carol has over 15 years of experience teaching EFL, she was one of the first Apprentices to train with Linda Kohanov of Eponquest and spent 10 years teaching Apprenticeships as Senior Faculty of Eponaquest.

Participants on the NOW programme - equine facilitated learning, standing with a horse in the ukIn the UK the NOW Programme is facilitated by Rosie Withey, Medicine Horse Way Master Instructor and Eponaquest Advanced Instructor. Rosie has 8 years of experience of teaching EFL as an Eponaquest Instructor including 5 years teaching in Eponquest & Medicine Horse Way Apprenticeships.

For 5 or less participants the NOW Programme is led by Rosie Withey and a trainee EFL Instructor. For 6 or more participants Rosie is supported by Ruth Tudor, Eponaquest Instructor or another Medicine Horse Way Master Instructor or Eponaquest Instructor.

What my clients say

I now get it, I now understand. The structure and process has helped me get meaning, clarity and focus on my journey to my true, authentic self. Thank you Rosie. It’s been emotional, challenging, transformational and we had fun too!
From a non-horse person to a transformed shaman in love with the way of the horse and horses. Watch this space.

Angela Ford

Discovery of your own authentic self is truly empowering, liberating and enlightening. The horses are generous in their teachings and so is the programme, carefully and sensitively crafted to meet your needs for your journey. Enjoy


If you are considering where you are on your life’s journey and indeed where are you, the Authentic You, the you that you were born to be, then search no more for you have just stepped on to this sacred path in the reading of this. It is a path worth taking. You will be journeying with like-minded souls also invested in this way of being. The Nature of Wisdom is NOW for you.

Yvonne Monahan

What previous experience do you need for the NOW?

To apply for the NOW Programme you must have already attended the 3 day ‘Connect’ workshop or an alternative Introductory Eponaquest or Medicine Horse Way workshop, or have attended the equivalent in 1:1 sessions..

Practical Information

A maximum of ten (10) individuals will meet for a week on two occasions, with reading assignments and conference calls in-between weeks.

Week 1 – Tuesday 30th April/Sunday 5th May 2019
Week 2 – Monday 22nd/Saturday 27th July 2019

Cost: £2,700 (including lunch each workshop day and workshop materials)

Payment terms:

£700 payable upon acceptance into the Programme
£1000 first installment due by 1st March 2019
£1000 second installment due by 1st April 2019

Venue: Trealy Farm, Monmouth NP25 4BL
Accommodation: A variety of accommodation opportunities are available at Trealy Farm (3 bedrooms, 2 log cabins, caravan, barn room) or a local list of B & B’s can be provided.

Please Contact me for more information.

Application Process

Please take the time to thoughtfully answer the following questions and email your application as an attached Microsoft Word document to

You can also call me on 07775 594 294 or 01761 453 168 if you have questions about the programme or the application process.

On receipt of your application a phone interview will be scheduled

Please date your application and include name, address, phone number, and email address.

  1. What aspect of a NOW Programme is most appealing to you?
  2. What was your initial experience of an Eponaquest based EFL workshops or private sessions? Indicate nature of experience (workshop, private sessions, or an intensive, the name(s) of facilitator(s) and of workshop(s) and dates.
  3. How has this experience influenced your life?
  4. Which of the concepts or activities were difficult to integrate when you returned home? For example, the concept of emotion as information, authentic building skills and/or the false self/authentic self-metaphor?
  5. Which of the concepts were most useful?
  6. Please give a brief overview of your personal development efforts. (therapy, workshops, other courses of study, books)
  7. What is your experience with horses?
  8. A significant emphasis in the NOW program will be on building authentic interspecies communities. Do you feel ready to participate in an intensive group experience which will require you to be able to sit with uncomfortable emotions, identify your own triggers, and hold the sacred space of possibility for yourself and others?
  9. Describe the role that intuitive insights play in your life?
  10. Briefly describe any ideas you have to integrate this experience with your career or life’s work.