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Emotional Wellbeing Coaching

an emotional wellbeing coaching session taking place in natural surroundings
When the four elements of emotional wellbeing are fully aligned, you can experience a fulfilling life and true sense of peace. Until that point, you might always feel as if something’s missing.

Emotional wellbeing coaching helps you journey to the heart of the matter through the key elements of body, emotion, mind and spirit. Popular with people who value their personal development, these sessions show you not only how to recognise and develop emotional intelligence skills, but how to embody them in your everyday life.

Individual coaching sessions can take place face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype.

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Equine Facilitated Learning

Image of a workshop client stroking a horse during an equine facilitated learning session in somerset UK
The first step in connecting more deeply with your true self is to become aware of any subconscious patterns holding you back.

Equine facilitated learning helps you connect with your true intentions, feelings and inner wisdom in the presence of horses. You will feel clearer in mind and purpose and better able to develop meaningful, healthy relationships.

Horses respond to what is. They allow powerful revelations to emerge without any human judgement or projection. Simply being in a horse’s presence can show us how to listen to ourselves.

Private sessions and one-day workshops take place in Clutton, Somerset, UK. Three-day workshops and longer programmes take place in Monmouth, UK and venues across Europe.

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