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EFL and Wellbeing Coaching

Image of a workshop client stroking a horse during an equine facilitated learning session in somerset UK
If you are feeling stuck and are lacking direction, have a challenge in a relationship, or are going through a life transition, I can help you to be true to yourself and to reconnect with what you really want. Equine facilitated learning can help you to move through emotional and mental blocks and gain the clarity and confidence to move forward in your life.
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I also offer wellbeing coaching, using a holistic approach which brings in elements of horse wisdom and incorporates mind, body, emotions and spirit. It is influenced by the learning that I have gained with horses over the years, to help you gain a stronger connection with your true self.

Coaching sessions can be in person, by phone or Skype.

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Riding Coaching

Rosie Withey from horses as teachers coaching a riding client during a workshop near Bristol UK
If you ride or own a horse, but have reached a plateau in your relationship with them, I can help you to deepen the connection and communication between you.

Using the principles I’ve learned from coaching horses and riders, as well as the personal lessons I have gained from my interaction with them, I work with you to enhance your confidence and your understanding of each other. This means that you can improve the way you train and experience more fun and enjoyment from the relationship.

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Reflective Riding