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  • Do you feel confused or disconnected from yourself, as if something is missing?
  • Are you stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed?
  • Have you lost touch with your confidence and direction?
  • Are you struggling to deal with your feelings and reactions in a relationship or a difficult life circumstance?
  • Do you want clarity, the confidence to move through what’s blocking you and to feel more inner peace?

  • A three-day workshop which focuses on building and deepening your primary relationship – with yourself. Take the time to immerse yourself, to reflect, and develop your self-awareness. Learn to set and respect personal boundaries. Understand emotions and learn to express them more openly and communicate more authentically. Overcome anxiety and access more inner peace and confidence.

What’s Connect About?

Connect is a three day workshop, enabling you to get away from everyday life, interact with horses and in a very gentle safe and supportive environment take time to really connect to your true self. Over the three days you will be facilitated through a process which supports to you to integrate mind, body, emotion and spirit and find out how horses can help you to do this in a unique way.

Horses live completely in the moment and are intimately connected to their immediate environment. They keep themselves safe by trusting their instincts and by staying alert to subtle emotional cues from other members of the herd. Through your interactions with the horses you will become aware of the masks that you wear and receive clear feedback about your true feelings, giving you the opportunity to experience subtle shifts and access more inner peace.

Connect with your authentic self, gain clarity about your direction and develop more harmonious relationships, so that you can move confidently forward in your life.

  • Feel lost or confused, and want to reconnect with with your authentic self and the world around you
  • Feel overwhelmed or stressed and want to feel peace and joy again
  • Want to explore your emotions in a safe and non judgmental environment
  • Are at a crossroads or turning point in life and want to become clear about how to move forwards
  • Feel blocked or stuck and want to experience direction and enthusiasm in life
  • Are in a supporting, training or healing role and want to ‘give something back’ to yourself
  • Are a professional and want to develop your self-awareness and leadership skills


  • Connect with your true feelings in the non-judgmental environment of the horse
  • Recognise your emotions as ‘information’ to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships
  • Learn to set clear and effective boundaries to gain respect and trust
  • Identify limiting beliefs to finally move through blocks to your progress
  • Feel alive again, filled with energy and enthusiasm
  • Take off your mask and just be who you really are.
  • Learn practical skills to integrate into your everyday life so that you can live more authentically

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What Previous Experience Do You Need For Connect?

There are no pre-requisites to attend Connect and no previous experience of horses is necessary

Practical Information

Cost: £445 (£395 if paid 1 month in advance)

Time: 9am – 5pm

Venue: Treetops Farm, BA10 OJS

(2017) Thursday 2nd – Saturday 4th November
(2018) Thursday 22nd – Friday 24th February, Thursday 5th – Saturday 7th April, Thursday 28th – Saturday 30th June, Thursday 9th – Saturday 11th August, Thursday 20th – Saturday 22nd September, Thursday 8th – Saturday 10th November
(2019) Thursday 21st – Saturday 23rd February

There are a maximum of 5 participants per workshop. Please bring outdoor clothing and suitable footwear. No previous experience with horses required and no riding involved. If you need accommodation please get in touch.