Inspiring you to live a life true to yourself.

If you have reached a plateau in your personal development or are experiencing challenges in a relationship, both equine facilitated learning and emotional wellbeing coaching can reveal life-changing insights to help you on your journey.

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  • Self-awareness
  • Inner peace and fulfilment
  • Healthier relationships
  • A deeper connection to your authentic self

After many years of working alongside horses and people, I realise the importance of being congruent in our lives and I have now developed a four-element coaching approach to help those who, despite being outwardly successful, are unhappy, stuck or feel as though something is missing on the inside.

To give you an insight into this approach I have created a Masterclass to share what I’ve learned about congruence, and how suppressing emotions may negatively affect our wellbeing, whereas being ‘true to ourselves’ is closely aligned with wellbeing and fulfilment.

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Rosie Withey

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Emotional Wellbeing Coaching

an emotional wellbeing coaching session taking place in natural surroundings
When the four elements of emotional wellbeing are fully aligned, you can experience a fulfilling life and true sense of peace. Until that point, you might always feel as if something’s missing.

Emotional wellbeing coaching helps you journey to the heart of the matter through the key elements of body, emotion, mind and spirit. Popular with people who value their personal development, these sessions show you not only how to recognise and develop emotional intelligence skills, but how to embody them in your everyday life.

Individual coaching sessions can take place face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype.

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Equine Facilitated Learning

Image of a workshop client stroking a horse during an equine facilitated learning session in somerset UK
The first step in connecting more deeply with your true self is to become aware of any subconscious patterns holding you back.

Equine facilitated learning helps you connect with your true intentions, feelings and inner wisdom in the presence of horses. You will feel clearer in mind and purpose and better able to develop meaningful, healthy relationships.

Horses respond to what is. They allow powerful revelations to emerge without any human judgement or projection. Simply being in a horse’s presence can show us how to listen to ourselves.

Private sessions and one-day workshops take place in Clutton, Somerset, UK. Three-day workshops and longer programmes take place in Monmouth, UK and venues across Europe.

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Home – Testimonials

“These workshops are incredibly special; a real fast track to making shifts in your life. It feels as if change happens effortlessly and completely naturally. Rosie is fantastic in creating a safe and creative space and even very old, stuck beliefs and feelings have shifted for me. Above all it has been so enjoyable.”Katja Ramharter - Personal Development client
"What a fantastic course! A whole weekend of transformative ideas delivered with gentleness and humility by the inspirational Rosie. Sharing insights with the rest of the group was a truly uplifting experience and I don't think any of us went away without finding something new about ourselves and our horses."Lucinda Freeman - Reflective Riding client
“Rosie is a rare and gifted teacher who shares her own experience with an open heart, an open mind and her feet firmly on the ground. Working with Rosie was a profound and moving experience that has led to a deep sense of peace as well as renewed energy, joy and sense of play"Kate Tapper - Personal Development client
"When it comes to living with purpose and being happy, including having meaningful and healthy relationships, being able to connect with your authentic self and come from that place is essential. Working with Rosie on this course enables you to do this work in both an intellectual way and also in a way that achieves a shift at a level that many other methods don’t."Tamsen Garrie – Connect workshop participant.
“Time with Rosie and her wise horses has been one of the best experiences of my life. I learned how to be present and authentic, something that I hadn't realised would be such a challenge for me and Rosie's thoughtful teaching and Jack and Bramble's firm and honest feedback kept me on track.”Susan Young - Personal Development client
“Rosie’s workshop was a powerful way to experience the wisdom and life lessons that horses have to teach in a completely safe environment. I learnt about emotional intelligence and was able to explore feelings of vulnerability without feeling, or being, victimised. "Dr. Frances Rossouw - Personal Development client
“The young, uncertain part of me felt relaxed and safe from the moment I felt your presence. I found it informative and easy to relate to the amazing work that you have done with your own trauma journey which confirmed that i am in the right place.”Marc Adams
“The most reassuring thing for me in a room with a bunch of strangers was you setting the rules of engagement at the beginning, I knew that every contribution would be listened to and as the days went on I found myself opening up more than I thought I would as I felt 'safe.'"Amanda Rajotte - Connect workshop participant
“I've been on a very long healing journey, done decades of therapy and emotional work. I suspect much of this has led me to be ready for the revelations in the horse work, but I have discovered more insights and revelations in the sessions with you than I have throughout all the years of therapy.”Zena - Private EFL Client


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